Learning to Grow Your Own Grapes is Easier Than You Think…

Who isn’t impressed with vineyards.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they provide so much.  Wine, grape juice and jellies all come from the “product of the vine”.

You might think that the growing of grapes is a family tradition that contains many secrets. And only an exclusive few can grow them to produce real quality fruit. It’s no wonder you may think this way.  After all, that’s how wine is advertised. As if vineyards can only be grown by a select few.

But the truth is, the average person anywhere within the continental United States can successfully grow grapes.  If you check the USDA map and see that you live within zones 4-10, you can grow grapes.

That’s right! You can be part of that exclusive group that enjoys wine made from grapes that you’ve grown. Or imagine your family enjoying grape juice – made from your own vines. Or jelly created from the grapes you harvested in your back yard.

How do I know what kind of grapes I can grow?

Is the growing of grapes complicated?

Not at all!  In fact it’s quite simple…

look at this map of the US. Find your location and the zone that you live in–

Map of Hardiness Zones

Now that you know your zone, Let’s consider the three main types of grapes:

  • American
  • European
  • Muscadine

The American (Vitis labrusca) does best in the cooler (cold hardy) zones 4 – 7

The European (Vitis vinifera) does best in a warm dry climate. That would include zones 7 – 10.

The Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) does the best in humid weather in the south. In fact, Muscadine is native to the north American continent.  It does very well in zones 7 – 9.

So, as you see, whatever zone you live in would will tell you which variety will do best in your area.


What type of grapes should I grow?

grow your own grapes to make grape Juice, Grape Jelly, WineDo you want table grapes? Do you want to make your grapes into juice and jelly?  Then American is the type for you.

How about table grapes that you can also make into excellent wine? Then European would work just fine.

What if you lean more toward wine making? Then Muscadine is your type. (Although it can be used as a table grape as well).

Imagine how you’ll enjoy having your own grape orchard.  You and your family enjoying Jellies and juice made from your own vines.  Enjoying wine made from the grapes you’ve grown in your back yard.  Think of how it will feel to tell your guests that you made this yourself from your own grapevines.


How you can get all the help you need

We’ve covered some of the basics here to see how simple it is to grow your own grapes.  But you’ll also be happy to know where you can get expert professional direction on the growing of grapes. How to plant, harvest and maintain your own orchard. It’s all explained– step by step — in the Complete Grape growing guide.

Now, you may be thinking of only growing grapes in a vineyard typical style.  But did you know you can train grape vines to grow within your own décor?  yes. Vines can be trained onto arches or used to provide shade on a pergola. Imagine resting in your patio and reaching up to pick your own refreshing handful of grapes.

This can all be yours. Once you learn to grow your own grapes.

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