Ideas For Garden Containers

Having a container garden

The idea of having a garden could be overwhelming to some, but it really doesn’t have to be. It could be as small as you Ideas For Garden Containerswant or as big as you want it to be.  I think any form of garden is good because of the benefit it provides.

Just the fact that plants exhale oxygen and breath in what we exhale (carbon dioxide) is beneficial to both plant and you. While you are tending to your plant, they are purifying the surrounding air.

That is why container gardening is great because you can incorporate plants in your home to help in purifying your home and keeping the air cleaner.

Find the best location

The idea for Container gardening is beautiful. Besides using a variety of plants to create a beautiful scene, you’re able to move your plant to different locations.  if you are like me, I’m working mostly with a shady yard, so I have to know where the sun is shining. Then I can move my container to different part of the yard. But because I know my yard, most of my plants are for shady areas. So you need to know your area as well.

I like cluster potting.  That is, putting 3 or 4 containers together to create more of an effect.  In that way, you can put different plants together to make beautiful scenery.

Container gardening history

No one knows exactly when container gardening began. Some used to plant herbs for cooking. When country folks moved to the city, they would find different containers to plant.  They would find a spot in their home to place them.

I have spider plant in my home. I love the cascading effect it provides! it also purifies the air. I also put containers on my steps, I use the right side and from top to bottom I lay it with a varieties of plants.

Benefits of container gardens

Also, by using containers you can transform any hard surface into a living Ideas For Garden Containerslandscape.  Whether it is a basket, a stairway, terrace, balcony, a blank wall, or porch, it all depends on your finances and the area you have to work with. As I mentioned before, sun is very important. So if you are not willing to move your plant from one location to the other, be sure that the plant you chose will have enough light or shade.

Ideas for garden containers

The sky is the limit in finding ideas for containers to work with… crate, barrels, recycled containers, old mail boxes, driftwood, old pallets, PVC piping, tires, terracotta pots,…  it all up to you. let you imagination go wild! Make it YOU.

If you also live in the are where it snows, containers are good to use for taking your less than hardy plants inside— to protect them for throughout the winter.

Full Disclosure: I get a commission and you get a great bargain… It’s a win, win all around!

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