My Garden Visitors

Birds in my bird bath


Friday I was out in my garden for a few hours and I saw a few butterflies,” WOW” what a beauty!My Garden Visitors
So I remembered going to a butterfly aquarium and one of the things they did was to put out orange slices for the butterflies. So, I decided to do the same.  I cut 2 oranges in half and put them in different locations.  About a half to an hour later, there were over 10 to 12 butterflies!  Can you imagine my joy and the praises I gave to my creator!  That’s why I love gardening. It helps me to appreciate nature.


Rain pouring outside and I can’t go out and play in my garden! Saturday afternoon is dedicated to the maintenance of my garden… but the rain keeps coming. Mind you,  I love the rain and I know my plants love it to!  For one thing, it means that I don’t have to water for a couple of days.

So, I decided to do a little research for my blog. Sitting at the window and looking outside… oh what a blessing!  And a wonderful feeling. The birds kept coming to the bird bath.  I had to run and get my camera.   The picture above is one I took from my window.

I was not disappointed at all. The Creator took care of my longing to be outside.

Thank you, Father.