Pollinator Gardens

Butterfly in Pollinator Garden
Image by Heather Griesbach from Pixabay

We owe allot to the Bees, Butterflies, Moths, Bats, Beetles, Hummingbirds… and yes even flies…

Without them we would be in big trouble.  These creatures perform a very critical service for us.  They pollinate our plants so that our food will continue to grow.

How a Pollinator Garden Helps our Ecosystem

Just like you and I, these creatures need a place to live and work in a natural environment.  If we loose them, we are also lost.  They’re actually that important to our ecosystem.

One way to provide for them is by making a Pollinator Garden in your yard.  TheBee in Pollinator Garden great thing is that it’s simple to do and not hard at all to maintain.

When you create a Pollinator Garden, you’ll want to choose plants that are native to your area,  There are two good reasons for this,

(1) The plants in your local area are already suited to grow locally.  This will make your garden easier to maintain.

(2) Our little creature friends are more accustomed to these plants .

What  if I  live in the City?

If you live in a more urban area, this can also be helpful.   You can provide … sort of a rest stop for these creatures as they travel through on their way to more natural surroundings.  The side benefit for you is, you are able to enjoy a bigger segment of the beauty of creation  right in your yard.