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Let me fill you in on a little of my history.

Gardening has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I grew up on the Caribbean Island of Dominica.   I grew up on Aberdeen Estate.  There, I was exposed to all types of herbal and natural gardening.  It was part of our life.

We ate what we grew.  On the weekend we would go to the market place to sell or exchange for other things that we needed.  It was not an easy life but we had fun in the process.  We were able to care for ourselves.

Marketplace vegetables

Then I left the estate.  But, the gardening bug still remains with me.   I have retained many things about plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

I’ve also, since that time, earned my Culinary Degree at the NY Restaurant Institute.

This is why, I put allot of emphasis on using naturally grown vegetables and herbs while cooking.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned to utilize whatever space I have to grow gardens with a purpose– as a natural source of nutrition in my cooking.

Let’s talk about you…

Now  you know a little about my history.   But, what’s  more important is why you visited this site.  Obviously you have an interest in gardening.   But if you’re like me, your interest may go deeper than that.

You and I know the quality of food is not what it used to be.  With modern industrialization and distribution methods as well as the genetic engineering of vegetables , we aren’t getting the needed nutrition from our meals for our families.

We can resolve this for ourselves and our family by growing a convenient organic Kitchen Garden.

Kitchen Gardens…

There are a growing number of people who are conveniently growing “Kitchen Kitchen GardenGardens”.  These are convenient gardens that provide them with wholesome herbs and salads that have the full nutritional value that our grandparents and great grandparents had in their food.

It is a relief to have the peace of mind–  knowing that with any meal you make,–  you will have access to full natural nutritional herbs and vegetables for your family.

If you need help in this, feel free to contact me.  Meanwhile, feel free to:

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Marilyn Murray