Gardening Tips

As Gardeners, we can be hurt by the sun. That is why we should protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays.

Sunburn is the gardener’s most common skin problem. Getting repeated sunburn early in the season can cause damage. And too much exposure to the sun can cause your skin to be adversely effected. So don’t forget to protect your skin.

Any sunscreen protection that blocks the UVB rays and has an SPF factor of 15 or higher will help. Wearing a long sleeved shirt is great. It also can protect your from bugs.

Gloves are important as well. They help protect your hands from being scratched by the soil. After all, no one like rough hands.

An important way to solve skin irritations, is to protect your hands while gardening. Simple things like wearing a straw hat or wearing gloves will keep irritations to a minimum.

So get your wardrobe together before your start your garden

Apron, Gloves, Straw hat, Sunscreen, Good Moisturizer, long-sleeved shirt are all very important. And depending on where you live,– a good insect repellent!

Happy Gardening,

Just have fun!