Why A Raised Bed Garden?

Kitchen Salad GardenRaised bed gardens are ideal. I prefer them because I know exactly what the makeup of my soil is. What you feed your plants is what they will be feeding you. Making a raised bed can be expensive. But you can eliminate some of the expense by filling the bottom of your raised bed with organic matter that will break down over time. Organic matter, like leaves, and dry tree branches, can be used as filler. In that way you can cut down the expense by lessoning the amount of soil you have to purchase.

If you don’t have access to any of the above, then container gardening is also great to start. Container gardening is versatile because you can control the location of your plants by moving them to where the sun may be during the day. But bear in mind you may need to water your containers more regularly since the amount of water they hold is limited. The soil may also need more consistent fertilizer than the raised bed.

In order to be productive, an organic vegetable garden needs:

  • Enough water, sunlight,
  • Air circulation, proper drainage, level ground,
  • And most importantly, good soil
  • (And last but not least– easy access so that you can care for and maintain your beautiful garden)

So, now you have an idea of the steps involved in planning. Selecting the best location for your organic vegetable garden before you start to plant–and having the above knowledge will help you be a successful gardener.