Planting Succulents Indoors

The word Succulent comes from the Latin word suros meaning juice or sap. They store water in their leaves or stem and roots. That is why their leaves are thick and engorged. Because of their beautiful and unusual appearance, they are often grown as ornamental plants.

They have the ability to thrive with minimal care– with just mist or dew. That is why their habitat is in areas that often have high temperatures and low rain fall.  For example the desert.

 Not all succulents like direct sunlight…

They are built to withstand drought, and so they should only to be watered once the soil is dry or once a week. They are drought resistant plants. in which the leaves stem or roots have are more than unusually fleshy and able to store a larger quantity of water.

Since they have shallow roots, they are especially suited for small containers. But if you are creating a garden or using a larger container, then use more plants but use some fillers like rocks or small pieces of pine bark. Or crush granite. Because the more soil in the container, the longer it will take to dry out.


“Xerophytes” is the name given to plants such as these Succulents because they can adapt to different climates. They also are able to make their leaves smaller, so they use less water.

Succulents can be a great addition to any garden, and can make excellent houseplants. Once you adhere to the routine, they are really easy to take care of.


  • Plant in containers with good drainage to avoid rot.
  •  Take extra care if you are planting in an unusual container like tea pot, watering can or birdcage. You may have to make adjustments when watering.
  •  The fact that they absorb water from the surrounding air and not through direct contact, is why sitting in wet soil causes their roots to rot and their leaves to fall apart and causes the plant to die.


Though, watering is a major cause of death with succulents, the correct soil is a much bigger factor.

Make sure your plant soil is completely dry before you water.  When you do, try to water thoroughly. Because they ideally spend life outside, we should give them as much sunlight as possible.  Preferably. inside by the window– facing the south.

Remember, most garden soil holds moisture.  So, to avoid your plant from rotting, use a well draining soil blend of your own. There are soils specificly for succulents. The cactus soil can be used because it does not hold moisture.

Because of their shallow roots they grow slowly, so feel free to pack them tightly.

While most Succulents prefer lots of sunlight, some prefer the opposite. So research your specific plant.

Treat them like houseplants, watering them sparingly and when it is time for watering water deeply.

The succulent family is enormous, they grow in different shapes and sizes, with the most popular being “Hen and Chicks”.

This may seam like lots of information! But just remember:

  • Let the soil dry out completely before watering.
  • Lots of sun.
  • Proper drainage.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • Treat your succulent like houseplants
  • Use specific cactus soil or make your own.


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