Is Gardening Becoming More Than Just a Trend?

GARDENING- “Love it or Hate it”

Gardening is an art or a science. Either you love it or you have a love- hate relationship with it.  And most of the time the “love-hate” is because of not understanding what they are doing.


The kind of garden you build all depends on you as a gardener. Gardening has changed through the decades. Lots of people have moved to the city. That has caused a mind shift.  Many are finding different ways to grow on balcony’s, in small spaces, on rooftops in the city.  Even in vacant lots!


Lots of chemicals are added to foods for more reasons than you can imagine. Like– adding chemicals to make food grow faster.  Chemicals to make them last longer.

Most of our food at the supermarket comes from a long distance away. Sometimes, the food has to be in a truck or boat for long periods of time. All of this has caused people to want to eat tastier and fresher food.

And since most of our food comes from the store, many are opting for more organic foods.  Either buying organic or building their own garden.


To be a gardener requires more than just admiring the beauty it provides.  It requires time and care. Like a baby, when it’s born, needs tender care.

So to, when you first plant it needs to be monitored to make sure the plants are well watered and fed.  And they are not attacked by predators until they are stronger.

Interest in gardening has become more prevalent in recent years. Some for different reasons.  But one of the main reasons is people want to know what they put in their bodies.

Also a growing understanding that gardening is good for the mind and body. — “Good Therapy”( I know for me it is)


You could be as creative as you want to be!  The goal is creating the best Salad Garden or landscape possible in your yard.

Gardening is a form of art.  Where you place your flowers or vegetables.  Mix and match. Containers or not.  Rock or pebbles.  Annuals or perineal…

The joy in cultivating the earth to make something beautiful!  That is appealing to you– and others who see it.


That’s where we come in!  We are here to help you design and assess the overall condition of your landscape.

We can help you find the best place to add your salad garden and which vegetables you and your family will be eating on a daily basis.  Or what you’ll be growing in containers, or raised beds. We have tips on watering. What is the best soil for your garden.  And how to protect your plants from pests.

So, feel free to look around this site.  And when your ready, book a consultation. You’ll be happy you did!


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