Raised beds are they better?

Maximize your food in a raised bed

I have been  gardening for the most part right in the ground.  Even though I have good soil, I realize that to maximize my growing space, a raised bed is the way to go.

Mind you, there is no right or wrong way to garden. You can maximize the quantity of food you produce in a raised bed.

Depth is important

The depth of the raised bed  helps.  Instead of spreading outward close to the surface, where they  will be affected by the sun and get dry faster, they will grow down deep into the ground where they will have more room to root below and in need of less water.

Plants like carrots, beets, ginger, potatoes and turnips need to have room to grow down in order to give you a better yield .  You can also plant things closer together giving you more space to plant. In this way, you can have a bigger harvest.

Using Trellises


Another way to maximize  is by adding trellises to your garden. Plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, pumpkins, squash and melons will help in maximizing the yield.

Soil and protection

You also can control the soil and make your own mix with better drainage than we would get in the ground.  Also drip irrigation is very useful in raised beds because the plant takes in the amount of water they need with a consistent water system.

Because the soil in a raised bed warms faster than in the ground, you can add cover to your raised beds to extend the growing  season, and by the use of raised beds, we can also protect our plants from  the little “critters” that like to nibble on our plants.

Comfort of a raised bed

With a raised bed I don’t have to wonder if I will be able to get up.  If you want it to be part of your lifestyle it should be comfortable.  You should  not have to bend or get on your knees too often.

There are many things that need to be done in your garden beside harvesting. There is weeding, pruning , checking to see if there are any critters enjoying your garden more than you, and just talking to your plants, enjoying  the beauty they provide.  So, it’s comforting to be able to harvest  anytime I want to and I don’t have to worry to much about discomfort.

The Beauty  of a raised Bed.

For me my garden is a place of tranquility. Time eludes me when I’m out there  enjoying the beauty that my creator has bless me with and the comments from my neighbors and passers-by bring me great joy!  It’s just great therapy .

So having a raised bed is an asset.  It helps when I’m enjoying the different flowers, birds and butterflies that visit. Spending the time tending to my garden is a time of peace.

A raised bed is also an asset to your home.  You can consider it as part as your home décor.  If you are wondering  what a raised bed kitchen salad garden would look like in your space, click the button below to book a consultation with me or send me a note and we can talk .